Are you finding it challenging to buy a dressing table online? Well, most people have the same confusion due to the fear of fake or low-quality products online. But never mind, we will guide you to find the perfect dresser for your room online. Moreover, nowadays, online shopping has become very genuine and increased on a large scale. Dressing tables are considered very personal because they hold the things most needed for us daily. Many of us need our own space to get ready for the day. One such personal space is the dressing table. Hence it is essential to buy the best dressing table for your home. Try the Wakefit to know such beautiful options of dressing tables online.

Know your sizes before choosing the right one

Dressing tables needed for your room should be big enough to feel comfortable. Moreover, it should have enough space to keep your makeup items, creams and jewellery organised. So before you go for the dressing table, keep note of the room size and how much space could be allotted for the dressing table. Sometimes online retailers give you the measurements of the dressing tables, their heights, width, etc. in detail. So it is easy to buy a dressing table online that suits your space. Make sure you allot space for the dressing chair too. Sitting in front of a dressing table before the day starts to wear your makeup enhances not only your beauty but also wears your confidence. So choose the best size that suits you.

Look for the type of dressing table that suits your room

Dressing tables come in plenty of designs online. Numerous styles can sweep you off your feet available online. But not all can be incorporated into your bedroom. Look for the dressing table that matches the interior decor of the room. Make sure that your dressing table does not look out of place in the room. Of course, it should be an eye-catcher to anyone entering the room, but it should also complement the rest of the furniture in the room. Buy a wooden dressing table with a mirror to feel unique and classy. Mirrors match any type of room decor. So try using a fancy mirror of your choice to feel good while looking into it.

Decide on the inbuilt lighting of the dressing table

Any dressing table needs proper lighting to dress up quickly. Sometimes the tube lights in your room may be at the centre not giving enough light to the dressing table. In such cases, it is better to go for inbuilt lighting where the light is attached to the dressing table itself. It looks decorative and classy. You will also feel bright and fresh while getting ready for the day. Dull lighting may feel moody and silky. So always prefer good lighting for your dressing space.

Choose open shelves or concealed drawers

Open shelves and drawers are a means of displaying your stuff to everyone. If you want to showcase your expensive perfumes and different kinds of makeup, then go for open shelves. While coming to concealed drawers, they need to be of the preferred size to store all your valuables in it. Some may require a small concealed drawer to keep their valuable stuff, while others may need only hidden drawers instead of open ones. Choose the one that is easy for you to use daily. Find sleek and trendy ones online to give a modern feel to the home.

Try floating shelves

If you do not have enough space for a dressing table, the other option is the wall mounted dressing table where the mirror is mounted on the wall and floating shelves are used to store your makeup items. You can either use it in a standing position or a sitting position based on your preference. The advantage of floating shelves is that they occupy very little space and make the room look large and attractive. In addition, you can place a stool that fits the groove under the shelves. It is the best idea for sleek and handy storage. Order the one online that suits you to have a great day ahead.


The idea about online shopping is that you need not go from store to store hunting for your favourite furniture. There are multiple brands available online and you can view all of them in the comfort of your own home. Do not get carried away by the words of people who say that you have to feel the material before buying. A study says that online shopping has better satisfaction than regular ones. Apart from this, you get benefits like free delivery, discounts, offers etc. during festival seasons. Grab the best deal. Get the right bedroom wall mounted dressing table and get ready to flaunt the day.



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