Most Americans traveling to Europe for a vacation have probably heard about travel terror attacks. In one case, a ransacked backpack was stolen right in front of the victim’s hotel room. So, most people just fear being the next victim of pickpocketing or theft. But there are some ways to reduce the risks of being a potential target. First, don’t wear big, flashy, fanny pack-type bags; carry smaller, more fashionable luggage.

The second thing to do is to be sure that your backpack is well-organized. This is especially true when traveling in Europe or other countries with major street or city traffic. Have all your important papers in a hard-to-lose zippered pocket, such as passport, driver’s license, and credit card. Don’t leave your camera, prescription medicines, and cash in your hotel or resort’s bathroom; use a bag or duffel bag for these items. You may also need to bring traveler’s insurance in case you get sick or injured while traveling in Europe or another country.

Always consider checking in local hotels, which are often much safer than fancy Western-style hotels. Also, travel light. Carry a few important documents with you. Avoid bulky, over-sized or extremely heavy backpacks.

Finally, most travelers are quite unaware of scams and theft in foreign countries. So, pay attention when passing large, foreign-looking shops or when offering assistance to shop clerks or taxi drivers. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and credit cards, as they increase the risks of theft.

When traveling in Europe, it is important to read the language of the locals. Many foreigners do not speak English, so ask locals about local places, festivals, and businesses before you go there. This will also help you avoid tourist rip-offs.

These tips are just some of the tips that travelers should keep in mind while traveling in Europe, although there are many more. Remember to have fun! If you’re traveling abroad, you’re going there for yourself and your family. Relax and enjoy the experience, because you’ll definitely come away with more souvenirs and friends. After all, the best part about traveling in Europe is that you can truly experience a new culture and place with absolutely no hassles!

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