Packaging and moving are very crucial to consider. The type of packaging during transit plays a significant role. Gone are the days when manually sealing, taping, and securing the boxes while shifting was a meticulous and time-consuming job. Now, plastic moving boxes have changed the moving trends. 

The cost-effective plastic moving boxes by firms such as Boîte Déménagement GoBac secure the belongings and protect all your delicate items, and protects items from any breakage.

Many of us may still use cardboard boxes, but this eye-opening guide will help you to spot the difference between what is right and what is obsolete. All the necessary information has been listed below for you to make the decision. Have a look!

Benefits of the plastic moving boxes and bins

Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic moving boxes can take more weight. They are designed to protect the belongings during the shifting. The boxes and bins are way more sturdy, thicker, durable, and spacious.

The Plastic moving boxes are waterproof, compatible in any weather conditions, and keep the load tight. The plastic box has bigger dimensions than the cardboard boxes that are approximately just 27 x 12 x 18 inches.

Cost of Moving boxes and bins on rent 

The rental for the moving bins and boxes is very minimal. Elite companies such as Boîte Déménagement GoBac determine the charges after the order is complete. The estimated cost charged is as follows:

  1. 25 boxes for 1 week at the base rate of $79
  2. 35 boxes for 1 week at the base rate of $109
  3. 50 bins for 1 week at the base rate of $149
  4. 50 bins for 1 week at the base rate of $219

Extra charges will be applied for the bins and boxes for an additional week. You can always contact the concerned representative for any query.

The rental agreement for the bins and boxes

During the rental agreement, you need to be present upon delivery. You have to sign the rental agreement both during delivery and pick-up of the bins and boxes. The representatives will count and inspect the items.

In case there is an extension, or you want to keep the products for longer than the rental agreement, you can contact the representatives as per the convenience for further accommodation.

The companies in Montreal, such as Boîte Déménagement GoBac offer great deals and assistance to the movers. 


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