Ballet, capoeira, judo, and swimming are some modalities that come to mind regarding physical activity for children and teenagers. But anyone who believes that only these options exist is mistaken. From theater to Parkour, at the Competition Sports School, kids can venture into more than 30 sports and discover which is their favorite and improve their motor coordination, concentration, agility, and creativity in a playful and non-monotonous way.

“The practice of physical activity for children and adolescents contributes greatly to young people’s education and social interaction. In classes, they exercise, learn to respect others, integrate more into groups, and work on their physical conditioning, helping to combat problems such as obesity, diabetes, and diseases in the future.

Discover some of our class options:

1 – Athletics

Running, jumping, and throwing are the set of modalities that make up Athletics, a sport that, in addition to promoting the learning of all these skills, can also be an ally in the development of children and young people.

2 – Climbing

A very lively and challenging class like in Hot Ground Gym for example, which takes place on a 17-meter wall, suitable for the sport. The modality is suitable for students of all levels and helps to develop balance, self-confidence, and courage!

3 – Women’s Soccer Kids

Football is a girl’s thing, … and it’s very good for your health. Sport develops physical, mental, and behavioral skills and brings balance between these three aspects, promoting well-being, motor and psychosocial development, and learning that will certainly be reflected in adult life

4 – Artistic Gymnastics

Our little athletes experience the world of artistic gymnastics competitions through acrobatic exercises, somersaults, cartwheels, and handstands. By having fun, they learn to control and develop their bodies, increasing their ability to concentrate and improving the execution of movements.

5 – Jazz

Different choreographies, animation, and rhythm, a class that improves posture and attention in a fun way. Dancing and playing, this physical activity for children, benefits the development of motor skills, musicality, and the love of dancing!

6 – NBA Basketball School

Competition is the only licensed academy in kids activities near me offering the NBA methodology for children and young people. The method is considered a social development tool with 4 main divisions in each training session: Fun, Skills development, Well-being, and the Development of Values ​​such as respect, complicity, friendship, ethics, and many others.

7 – Parkour

Parkour makes kids adventure and expend a lot of energy! It is an activity that aims to overcome obstacles with jumping and climbing. The practice contributes to the development of concentration, focus, and agility. It’s all very safe and fun!

8 – Water Polo

One of the first team sports to be part of the modern Olympics, water polo promotes socialization, resistance, and improved physical conditioning, and students can enjoy all these benefits in Competition classes.

9 – Shot Dance

Children can experience dance magic in a class that enchants the sounds made by shoes, entertains with special choreographies, and helps develop rhythm and musicality. It offers numerous benefits, such as body awareness, development of motor coordination, balance, discipline, confidence, creativity, and reasoning.

10 – Theater

Theater classes help you discover and develop control over your body and emotions. In addition to learning to overcome shyness, this class can develop skills that can last a lifetime, such as concentration, body awareness, control of emotions, balance, and loss of fear of speaking in public.


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