According to sources, kids nowadays spend more than 7 hours of screen time altogether. Some of his time watching tv or playing video games, which can be barred. But the pandemic has made online education a must, and the screen time spent studying can not be waived. There are numerous benefits of kids spending time outdoors, to encourage them, even more, invest in  Inspire Play outdoor playsets. Outdoor playsets are the need of the hour. Outdoor activities ensure that the kids are healthy and active. It ensures physical fitness and mental happiness for kids. 

Physical Benefits of Outdoor Playtime 

Outdoor playtime for at least an hour or two a day throughout preschool and elementary school helps the children to be in better body form in regards to health, and body mass and increases immunity. 

Children spending time outdoors have more advanced motor skills than children spending indoor time. They are good with coordination, agility, and balance. The activities that kids perform outdoors increase the endurance of the muscles and bones. 

Furthermore, the more active the kids will be, they will have lower their body mass index. Obesity has become a major concern of the present day. Be it an adult or a kid, people are becoming obese owing to the ease of lifestyle. Outdoor activities ensure kids get enough exercise that will help them to burn calories so that they can shed some extra weight or not gain any further.

Social Development Incurred By Outdoor Activities 

Outdoors are not confined and kids develop various social skills spending time under the open sky amidst the environment. No matter how active kids stay indoors, they are confined places and thus it might usher the feeling of competitiveness among siblings or classmates. The more kids will spend time outdoors, the more they will become aware of the environment, develop observational skills, and reasoning skills, and understand the importance of peer-to-peer relationships. 

Emotional Development Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

While the kid is playing outdoors, they are using all their five senses activity, while watching tv uses one or two senses. Playing outdoors encourages kids to explore themselves and their surroundings which contributes to their emotional well-being. Outdoor activities develop a sense of independence in the kids, and a sense of gratification. Further, they become more comfortable with spending time in the environment. Sweating and blood flow also help the kids to have a good mood. 


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