Local cuisine: they are known to be typical and traditional dishes of a particular region or country.

Gastronomy: It is the study and art of preparing food, as well as the culture and culinary tradition of a people.

Street food: Food sold in stalls or carts on the streets, usually at more affordable prices.

Food tour: It is a gastronomic experience guided by a specialist in local cuisine, which takes participants to try different dishes in different establishments. Visit us to know more.

Local restaurants: These are establishments that serve typical dishes from the region, prepared with local ingredients and following local culinary traditions.

Local ingredients: These are foods produced in the region, which are generally fresher and tastier than those imported.

Traditional recipe: It is a dish that has been prepared for many years in the region, following a specific recipe and maintaining local culinary traditions.

Fusion cuisine: It is the combination of local cuisine elements with techniques and ingredients from other gastronomic cultures.

Culinary experience: Refers to the experience of experiencing new flavors and getting to know the gastronomic culture of a place through food.


    • Try typical dishes of the region in local restaurants
    • Join cooking classes to learn how to prepare local dishes
  • Try street food and typical food stalls
  • Visit local wineries, breweries, and distilleries to discover typical drinks
  • Take home ingredients and spices typical of the region to try in your recipes
  • Try desserts and sweets typical of the region
  • Discover restaurants that use organic and local ingredients in their dishes
  • Try different types of local cuisine, such as indigenous or Afro-descendant cuisine
  1. What Are The Advantages Of Exploring Local Cuisine While Traveling?

A: In addition to experiencing unique flavors, getting to know the local cuisine is a way to immerse yourself in the culture of the place and better understand its customs and traditions.

  1. How Can I Discover The Typical Dishes Of A Tourist Destination?

A: Research local cuisine before you travel, ask locals or consult travel guides specializing in cuisine.

  1. Is It Safe To Try Different Foods In Other Countries?

A: Yes, as long as you take basic hygiene precautions and choose reliable places to eat.

  1. How Can I Avoid Health Problems When Trying Different Foods?

A: Avoid raw or undercooked food, prefer places with good hygiene, and drink bottled water.

  1. What Are The Best Times To Try Local Cuisine?

A: Try typical dishes for the main meals of the day, such as lunch and dinner.

  1. What If I Don’t Like The Local Food?

A: Try other dishes and give the local cuisine another try. If you still don’t like it, look for international restaurants.

  1. How Can I Save Money By Trying Local Cuisine?

A: Look for simpler local restaurants and avoid the more touristy ones, which tend to have higher prices.


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