Every person wants to make a career that is secure and sound in all prospects. No doubt the youth of the present situation is running after the corporations but however, there are certain people who still prefer government jobs over corporate jobs because of the long-term security that is provided in it.

One of the most important job profiles of government jobs is IBPS SO. It is considered to be the most prestigious job if you are interested in banking and Management. This article will be explaining the characteristics of the job profile and at the same point of time would be discussing the components of the IBPS SO salary and the total amount payable under this.

Types of work handled by IBPS SO

The type of work that these officers try to handle varies from post to post. There are different types of work that can be oriented with this job profile. The list of the same has been provided in the following way.

Agriculture field officer

Under this job profile, the person is required to supervise the loans and the related issue and at the same point of time, he has to work for the development of the Rural banking system. In addition, they try to make connections with banks like Nabard and regional rural banks. They try to evaluate the availability of credit in the rural areas against the demand for credit and the rate at which such credit is disbursed to the people.

IT  Officer

This type of job profile is basically helpful in evaluating cybercrime. It is important to provide for the fact that they tried to handle the banking into pieces and the software that is used in the Rural banking system. They also tried to control the smooth functioning of the banking software and solve the technical issue which might be faced by not only the bank but also by the people to indulge in digital payments. They are always ready to assist the people and always try to deliver the best.

Rajbhasha Adhikari

Since he is a spokesperson of the government and a government officer at the same time it is his duty to organise language books for developing local languages. However, the main aim of this officer is to promote the usage of amazing languages in the banking sector so that the local people can find it convenient.

Salary growth

After having discussed the different types of job profiles of this particular kind of job it is now important to analyse the payscale in this sector. Since it is a government job it is loaded with a huge amount of facilities and incentives.

The basic pay is basically paying that rupees 33000 which is likely to get enhanced with the number of years in the service. At the same point of time, 36% of the basic salary which is around nine thousand rupees is added in the form of Dearness allowance. In addition, 7 to 9% of the house rent allowance is also paid including the special allowance which is given as a bonus.

Lease allowance and city compensatory allowance by the amount of 0 to 4 percent are obtained as well. The lease allowance is around 30000 per month in Metropolitan areas.


IBPS SO job is ultimately concluded that it is considered to be a very respectable job. Since it is a government job many candidates aspire to become one because of its amazing salary package. This is one of the key factors for attracting so much amount of people towards itself.

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