Playing is a very big part of growing up. But, by playing, we do not mean playing video games. Children these days spend more and more time indoors glued to their phones. The culture of going out in the open and playing with friends and peers is diminishing. This, certainly, isn’t a healthy trend. Most childhood problems, that includes bullying, are the result of less humane interaction between kids.

When children do not socialize outside their classrooms and schools, they are losing out on wonderful opportunities to develop confidence. A more and more introverted outlook also leads to serious problems such as depression in children. And, let’s not forget about the problems such as obesity. In the absence of a proper physical fitness routine, there’s no way for children to remain active.

All these concerns are every parent’s nightmare. Hence, the unique concept of building themed playgrounds by Inspire Play is winning hearts. Many schools and residential societies are approaching these builders to construct out-of-the-box playgrounds that can attract kids and motivate them to go out, make real friends, and engage in physical activities.

Some of the most interesting projects that these builders have already constructed include the following:

  1. West Rouge Park, Toronto Junior Play.
  2. Leo Baeck Combination playground.
  3. Mosaik Homes, Vaughan.
  4. Musical Station Front.
  5. Cornwall Accessible Play Structure.

These are but a very few examples. You must have a look at all the projects by Inspire Play commercial play equipment to get an idea about the kind of innovation, quality, and uniqueness these designs have.

The most interesting pieces of play equipment that responsible builders suggest to help kids socialize with each includes buddy benches, spinners, sliders and climbers, and fun on wheels.

The entire idea is to bring children together and put them in an interesting positive atmosphere that they can explore together and learn the value of companionship.

Considering the fact how such playgrounds are solving all the problems, many preschools are adopting the culture of having nature play and outdoor classrooms instead of putting toddlers in closed confines.

On that note, we’d also like to use this guide to explain how responsible builders are slowly spreading their wings and bringing to life commercial playgrounds for adults too. Children alone do not suffer from loneliness, introverted attitude, and negativity, adults do too. So, building outdoor gyms and commercial playgrounds for sports are amazing ways to guide adults to health and happiness.

So, no matter who you are – a school, a responsible society, or a parent – you can certainly carry kids and adults closer to fitness and happiness by mingling activities and fun together.


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