Tiles used for roofing or new roof must be in good condition without cracks or damage that may cause Leak later. Here are some other technical tips you should know:

  1. fasten tiles to the roof will be completed according to the adhesion of the tile stability. If possible, this matter should find an opportunity to inquire or talk to the supervisor or People who know how to the roof. Sometimes, concrete or tile fixings may be fastened in alternate orientations so that the tiles can be removed later when needed replaced or repaired. If the slope is more than 45 degrees, it may be necessary to bind all the way to prevent the tile. 
  2. The orientation of the tiles should be straight, beautiful, not crooked, which may cause freckles. The tiles are easily damaged. Due to the inadequate stacking of tiles, each tile loses its balance in weight distribution. For concrete, the tiles in each adjacent row should be alternating seams to prevent rainwater from easily infiltrating the grooves and the roof’s slope with this type of tile. Should not be lower than 20 degrees with the overlap of the top and bottom tiles in the range of 7-10 centimeters to prevent rainwater from flowing back up through the grooves where the tiles are stacked.
  3. In concrete tiles, sand mortar must be built to cover the roof joints along the roof’s ridge. Covering tiles along the joints must be done neatly because these are the weak points. If poorly done or with cracks, rainwater can leak into it. And repairs are often difficult to do because they are in high places. If the repairman lacks caution or is not skilled enough, it may cause other roofs to break and be damage again
  4. The roof on the top floor is the part that receives a lot of sunlight and heats the room in the area. The roof is covered, a heat-insulating material is needed to reduce such heat; it is advisable to consult with the manufacturer, designer, or with a contractor and listed in the first place Because some heat-insulating materials must be attached to the roofing tile so that the roofer can lay the heat insulating material at the same time as the roofing process, so there is no need to find a solution later.
  5. In the case of using double corrugated tiles or small corrugated tiles for roofing arrangement of freckles Directly, the curls must be overlapping the curls. If possible, before laying tiles should look at the direction of the wind and rain first. When tiling, the tiles will be stacked in the right direction. by allowing the sheet that overlaps the curl above wind and rain to prevent rain from splashing into those above joint the roof with this type of tile should have a slope of not less than 10 degrees to prevent rainwater from flowing back up through the overlapping tile grooves. Most importantly, refer to expert contractors for help in roofing.

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