Some homeowners spend so much time renovating the inside of their homes that they put minimal effort into landscaping and outdoor floor. There are many alternatives to dull wood, so consider the following when choosing the best flooring for your pool deck, porch, front yard, and backyard. This list will help you break down your choices.

Traditional wooden decking

We’ll start with wood since it’s probably the #1 choice on your mind. Based on their versatile look and composite, it’s no wonder that traditional wood decking is a popular choice for outdoor patios. It gives a modern look with a polished and chic touch. Wood is always in style, so you never have to worry about following trends or looking outdated.

Composite wood decking

With all the bells and whistles of traditional wood, the benefits of composite wood decking floor are often overlooked. But you get the best wood decking with luxury vinyl technology without any of the hassles. Composite wood looks realistic, but with much less maintenance than natural wood. Instead of having to worry about wood rot, termites, shrinkage or expansion, repainting, or any of the other problems with traditional wood, composite wood is easy to clean with soap and water. As a bonus, composite wood is fire-resistant, so your family will stay safe.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles Outdoor plank flooring

If you are trying to make your neighbors jealous, use classic stone patio tiles. Nothing is more beautiful and most “stone” options are not natural stone. They are a much cheaper and more durable option such as porcelain outdoor tiles. “Stone” paving on patios creates a luxurious look while being versatile and easy to clean and maintain. Most of the time, a simple sweep is enough. Paving is also great for entertaining when you bring guests outside. One thing to keep in mind, although not too much of a problem in North Texas, is that ceramic outdoor tiles do not perform well in extremely cold temperatures. They can also become extremely slippery after a storm, which North Texas has plenty of – so they’re best for a smaller area than an entire deck. For the same reason, they are also not an ideal choice for a pool deck.

Brick as an option for outdoor decking floor

As one of the most durable options, brick offers a variety of colors and patterns to give your outdoor floor a unique look. It is a beautiful choice if you have an outdoor fireplace or are looking for a way to make your patio cozy. As long as you don’t destroy it yourself, the brick will stay there! Brick is an elegant, classic option that will add character and individuality to any home.

Rubber deck flooring

It may be doing double duty for you, but its real rubber floor is a fantastic outdoor flocovert’s absorbent, versatile, durable, shock, and slip-resistant, and looks good! Rubber flooring is great if you have kids because it offers the look of bricks or cobblestones without the slippery hard surface. It is weather resistant and can be used on the pool deck surface.

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