If AI superintelligence is created this century, and provided the effect is as significant and irreversible as scientists expect, it will mean that humanity will be responsible for a technology far more important and dangerous than even nuclear weapons. Check the applications of AI in other spheres of human living in the article below.

Experts’ predictions on the AI development 

Experts make various predictions of the AI implementation, for example:

  • AI will be able to create drugs and personalized treatment programs (thanks to the ability to analyze images and large data sets).
  • Development of technological processes and new substances with the necessary properties.
  • Personalization of learning and improvement of teaching efficiency. AI will create learning plans for each student based on their needs and abilities. And it will help teachers check homework and prepare for lessons.
  • Robots for complex tasks and natural interaction with people.
  • Tools will appear to visualize the mental states of our brains. We will be able to record dreams so that we can watch them later.

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