Well if you are a cricket fan you must have seen a lot of IPL matches throughout the years or at least have heard about its popularity. But definitely, you might be unaware of the disputations IPL had since its grand opening. Since its inception season, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has had a variety of contentious situations along the way. There is no perfect thing in the world. IPL also has a history that didn’t end up well. That although cricket is regarded as a legitimate sport, there have been instances in which the situation has become more serious on the actual cricket field. With the upcoming matches ipl it’s a must to look into it’s history. When a game is played under pressure, individuals often lose their cool and start fighting. The events that culminated in the suspension of players and even of the franchise have occurred in a variety of situations. Let’s have a detailed glance over those moments:-

  • The Slapgate Conspiracy –

Right beginning with the inaugural season of the IPL, when KXIP paceman Sreesanth was reportedly smacked by Mumbai Indian team’s captain Harbhajan Singh, controversy occurred accompanying the tournament. After Punjab trounced Mumbai Indians in the encounter, this tragic event occurs. Although the precise cause of the event is still unknown and has become a mystery for everyone, it is claimed that Sreesanth stated something that Singh found unpleasant.

  • Lalit Modi was taken away from his position in the cricket world:-

After allegations of financial impropriety against him surfaced that year, the Board of Control for Cricket in India abruptly terminated the IPL founder and chairman to form his position. He was charged with interfering with the finances and money used for sports, which led to legal action.

In the year 2013, the BCCI permanently barred him from holding even a small cricket-related position after finding him culpable of insubordination and misbehavior.

  • Ravindra Jadeja disbarred from matches:-

He had trouble winning over IPL fans. Jadeja decided not to extend his contract with the Rajasthan Royals and instead attempted to strike a more advantageous agreement with another franchise—something that was expressly forbidden. The IPL Governing Council imposed him a one-year suspension for his gross violation of the rules for players and indeed the terms of his cricket contracts.

  • Pakistan prohibits its cricketers from getting involved in the IPL.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November 2008, Pakistan’s government decided in 2009 that it was hazardous for its cricket players to visit India for the IPL matches the following year. This announcement created a lot of controversies not just in the sports world but also in the nationalistic, religious, and other spheres. News circulated quickly back then.

Many talented Pakistani cricketers who have been competing for different teams were denied access, along with others


  • Amazing discoveries out of a cheerleader:-

In the fourth edition of IPL seasons, Gabriella Pasqualotto (of the Mumbai Indians squad) raised quite a fuss as she tweeted well about the dubious behavior of players at post-match celebrations. The IPL fired her from her role as a cheerleader, but somehow it did little to quell the uproar. She originated from South Africa.

  • Kolkata Knight Riders rejected Sourav Ganguly in rage:-

After Ganguly’s baseline fee reportedly raised from 200,000 dollars (about Rs. 9 million) to 400,000 ( 18 million Rupees in India)dollars during in the 4th IPL season, the KKR team dumped him eventually. This was an unnecessary large leap.

The southpaw was eventually acquired by the Pune Warriors as a last minute substitute for Ashish Nehra, who was unwell, but the KKR pass essentially put an end to Ganguly’s IPL career.

  • Kochi Tuskers was stopped immediately to continue:-

You probably had never heard its name, yet it was there. The franchise made its debut in 2011, however, it was shut down the following year after failing to provide its bank guarantee by the deadline.

After winning an arbitration case in 2015, BCCI was ordered to compensate the winning club Rs. 550 crores in reparation along with an 18% yearly financial fine for missing the deadline. Has since the problem has not been resolved.

  • Early indications of spot-fixing:-

Here comes the time when cricket fixing was first caught the legalities. Based on an undercover operation by a popular news station, the then-BCCI President Srinivasan punished fast bowler Shalabh Srivastava for five years and the medium leg spinner T.P. Sudhindra for life. Three other batters were also suspended for close to a year along with them. A controversy involving spot-fixing involves all five of them.

  • The legendary Shah Rukh Khan is still refused entry to the Wankhede stadium :-

Dating back to 2012, just after Khan’s squad got defeated (Mumbai Indians), the Bollywood celebrity and founder of KKR got into a fight with several uniformed officers at the famous Mumbai Wankhede Stadium. After the contest, Khan is alleged to have approached onto the field and abused the referee thereafter.

Khan was forbidden from accessing the stadium for five years by the Mumbai Cricket Association, but the suspension was lifted up in 2015.

  • Deccan Chargers was discontinued :-

After missing to provide the required payment certificate in the amount of Rs. 100 crore, the BCCI canceled the IPL franchise’s agreement.

The group commenced a lawsuit, claiming that the dismissal occurred one day before a show-cause notification had expired. A Bombay High Court-appointed arbitration committee found the BCCI in violation of the law in 2020 and mandated that it pay its franchise owner, Deccan Chronicles Holding Ltd (DCHL), Rs. 4,800 crores in compensation.

Notably, the 2009 IPL, which itself was played in South Africa, was won by the Deccan Chargers.

Cricket controversies are a common occurrence in the sport. There are also disagreements about the rules of the game. Apart from these recently there have been a lot of high profile controversies that have drawn attention to the sport including unnecessary fights, little disputes, disagreements between different countries about how the game should be played, etc.

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