When you are aiming to add noteworthy features to your home, adding sliding patio doors are a good way to start. They will allow the perfect circulation of air within your home’s interiors and it will also have the natural light flowing in. But after the installation of the doors, you will find that the maintenance is getting a bit trickier. This is because you want the doors to live longer but again the influence of the weather on the doors will be impactful. So to help with the maintenance process, we are listing some useful tips.

Clean the glass

Clean and shiny windows are more satisfying than anything else. Removing the sticky finger marks have gotten easier now. With one swipe you can also remove the sea mist build-up, general dust, and grime. By regular cleaning, you can slow down the debris build-up on the frames as well as the tracks.

Wipe the frame

Wiping and cleaning the door’s interior and exterior frame is going to make the entire setup look clean. It will also prevent weathering damage on the seal of the outer door frame. You can do this by dusting the area lightly followed by application of warm and light soapy water. Avoid using any harsh chemicals on it.

Clean the track

The tracks of the sliding doors undergo a lot of dirt and debris deposition. This is an essential area to clean and maintain, otherwise it will hamper the movement of the door. You can use a vacuum cleaner and eliminate loose debris and dust. Use warm soapy solution next to wipe the stagnant dirt. You can use an old butter knife to clean the grooves and spaces that are generally inaccessible.

Lubricate the tracks

Once done with cleaning them, lubricate the bottom tracks and this will prevent the doors from sticking. But ensure that the rails are completely clean; else the grease mixed with the dirt will make it entirely sticky.

Replace worn-out rollers

The old doors will surely have stubborn rollers in them. It is now time for you to get rid of them. If the rollers are dirty, you can take them out, clean them, and lubricate them. But if they are damaged, going for replacement is an ideal option.

Inter-Québec sliding patio doors can be maintained with the above-listed methods. You can also call the professionals to get them cleaned thoroughly.

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