In Britain, there are seven typical bed dimensions. These include the smallest 2ft 6 inches small single bed, a bed that is perfect for young children, and small bedrooms. Then we have five sizes in between, until we get to the biggest size, the superb 6ft super king. This huge bed offers the utmost in leg room and comfort. However, in the UK it is not used as much as it might be, as unlike in the US, many UK residences do not have rooms that can accommodate such a wide bed. 

In between the small single and the supper king, we have the lesser known 3ft 6-inch large single bed. Large single beds are roomier than a standard 3ft single bed being six inches wider. They are also six inches smaller than the next size up, the 4ft small double bed.

Who buys large single beds?

Individuals who sleep alone are more likely to purchase a large single bed than other consumers. A single adult usually does not need a double bed and a smaller model frees up room for additional furniture. The we have those who would like a spacious bed but have restricted space in the bedroom, so this size is midpoint choice giving more sleeping surface than a standard single without taking up too much floor space.


Although a large single bed has many advantages over a standard 3-foot single bed with an extra 6 inches of moving room, it also has a couple of disadvantages. One disadvantage is few retailers stock bed coverings for 3ft 6 large single beds. Therefore, you will either have to opt for a 3ft cover which means it may not stretch far over the sides of the bed or go for a double duvet cover. This is probably the best option, as although more expensive, double covers are stocked everywhere and will give you plenty of extra bedding overhanging the sides of the bed.

The other disadvantage of a 3ft 6 bed is if you have a very small bedroom. In this instance, you might find a 3 ft 6 bed leaves you little room to walk around the bed or have other furnishings in the room. A solution for this is to buy a large single bed with storage space underneath. 

Large single divan beds often come with the option of two or four drawers. You can go for two drawers on one side of the bed, or four drawers with two drawers on either side. There is also the possibility of having a single drawer built into the foot of the bed which means you do not need much space on either side to open and close the drawers.

Another clever idea is a large single bed with a base that you can lift. This gives you more room for storage than a bed base with drawers, as the entire bed is used as storage given you plenty of room to store blankets, towels, out of season clothes, books, et cetera.


So, to sum up, the 3ft 6-inch bed is the perfect option if you if you sleep alone but like to have more legroom, or a larger sized person than average, or if you occasionally sleep with somebody else but do not have enough room for a double bed. A large single bed is also ideal for an elderly person who spends a lot of time in bed giving them space for their day-to-day activities.


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