In certain situations in life, we might feel the need to cancel our air travel to a certain destination or decide to not show up during the flight. But what exactly is the difference between the two? You must be thinking that both are similar terms and can be used interchangeably. However, it is not. There is a fine line of difference between them and if you are wondering what that is, then keep reading to find out. Follow the guide below and hopefully, you will be able to distinguish between the two terms before cancelling a flight ticket or while deciding not to arrive at the airport in future situations.  

What is Cancellation of flights?

Cancellations of flights occur in situations when you cannot travel to your destination due to sudden incidents and therefore, drop your flight ticket. Cancellation can occur due to main unavoidable factors and although some airlines provide a refund of the ticket price, some provide a seat in an alternative flight based on your preference.

What is a No-show?

If you don’t arrive for your confirmed flight ticket, it is a no-show. In such cases, if you have other connected flights on the same ticket, they will be cancelled automatically. Then, you will be required to book a new ticket for the connecting flights as well as your initial flight. You may not receive any reimbursement of the ticket for a no-show. However, check the website of the airlines to be assured of this factor.

Difference between cancellation and no-show

When you cancel your ticket for sudden occurrences, the airlines will deduct a specific part from your refund amount. However, if you give early notice to the aircraft company about your cancellation, you may not be asked for any penalty charge and may receive the total refund amount. On the other hand, a no-show by passengers, i.e. not showing up on confirmed tickets, will get them no refund money and in addition, may ask for a penalty charge on your next booking.

Provisions for cancellation

The airlines have their own refund policy and procedure that you should be informed of before you book your ticket. It might be possible that some airlines refund you a part of the price of the ticket for a no-show if you could justify your reasons for not attending at the specified time of your travel. When you are certain that you will not be able to catch your scheduled flight, then it is advisable to inform the airlines by communicating with their officials via email or a phone call to avoid any kind of deduction of your money later when you apply for a refund. When you have cancelled your booked flight ticket, you will have to rely on the cancellation policy of the airlines that you have agreed upon while booking your ticket. You should apply to the cancellation insurance of the airlines that covers a refund amount and also meals and accommodation charges if you are required to stay overnight owing to the cancellation. However, all the coverage depends on various issues such as your travel date, the reason for cancellation, mode of payment and most importantly, the guidelines set by the airlines. 

Provisions for no-show

If you are wondering how to escape a no-show, there are various options that you can try to avoid missing your flight. You can book a cab in advance if you live far away from the location of your airport. You can arrive at the airport 2 hours before your scheduled flight time if it is a domestic flight and check-in directly without waiting in the queue. For international flights, it is suggested to reach the airport 4 hours before the specified travel time on your ticket. Also, if there is traffic or any unprecedented situation has occurred at your home, do communicate with the airline’s official and let them know of your delay. The concerned official will help you with important information and you can avoid being a no-show. 

There are various policies for no-shows in each airline. Some will cancel all your flights including the connecting ones. They will also not help you with any refund as per their rules and unfortunately, you will get no amount of your fare ticket back.  However, some do compensate you with a part of your ticket price only if you could upload all the required documents asked by the airlines for verification. This might take a little time so, if you need a refund for a no-show, then patience is the key!

Now that you know about the difference between cancellation and no-show, we are certain that you will be able to make better decisions for your future travels based on the provisions mentioned above.  


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