Being an influencer means having a large following, being considered an authority in your niche, and having the power to impact purchasing decisions. For businesses and entrepreneurs, becoming an influencer can take your brand recognition and profits to new heights.  While organically growing a large Instagram following takes time, effort, and strategy, buy automatic likes can be a shortcut to inflating those numbers quickly. However, not all bought followers are created equal.

There are thoughtful ways to buy followers and build your influencer status, as well as careless ways that will damage your brand. Reviews, testimonials, and guarantees can help identify the best sites. Aim for services that offer replacement warranties if any followers drop off. High retention rates indicate followers are real users less likely to unfollow quickly. Taking the time to find a reputable service gives you higher-quality followers.

Only buy followers, not engagement

While it’s tempting to buy every Instagram metric, including likes and comments, this looks especially inauthentic. Social media users expect to see much higher follower counts compared to engagement and will find disproportionately high engagement suspicious. Stick to only buying followers and let your content organically earn engagement. Not only does organic engagement help credibility, but it also helps the Instagram algorithm show your content to more potential followers.

Gradually increase followers

A sudden spike in followers looks unnatural to buy instagram followers detection and can get your account flagged. To avoid seeming suspicious, buy followers in smaller increments over an extended time frame. Most services recommend limits per day or week to appear gradual, so follow their advice. Slow, steady increases seem more genuine. Additionally, gradually increasing followers aligns better with organically growing your account through content. As you post regularly, follow others, use hashtags, and implement Instagram growth strategies, your organic reach and followers should expand too. Buying followers supplements this natural growth.

Use follower accounts for influence only

Unless you plan to fully commit to buying enough followers to be an A-list celebrity, resist the urge to use bought follower accounts for monetization. Hold off on paid brand sponsorships until you’ve organically grown large enough to warrant them. Otherwise, you may feel pressured to over-buy followers to match what brands expect from the account size.

Use bought followers only to establish authority and influence first. With higher perceived influence, you can then graduate to making money through your account more naturally. Don’t try to run before you can walk. Use bought followers strategically in the early phases only.

Let your influence grow over time

While buying followers can give you a boost, real influencer status takes time to build up. Resist the urge to take shortcuts that seem fake. Grow your following strategically rather than desperately chasing numbers alone. Implement the other organic strategies for expanding your reach and engagement. Keep focusing on great content, audience connection, and providing value. Buying some followers helps gets the momentum going, but long-term influencer status requires nourishing real relationships with an audience that loves your brand.


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